Voice to Congress

Current Voice to Congress Campaigns:

As this new year gets underway, your Navy League Legislative Affairs HQ team has revamped the Voice to Congress site to reflect the freshly sworn in 116th Congress.
Below is a rundown of the currently active campaigns:

The Coast Guard desperately needs Polar Security Cutters: Four months into fiscal 2019 the Coast Guard still operating on last year’s funding through a Continuing Resolution. This is absolutely unacceptable for the multi-mission force we rely on to safeguard our homeland. Demand full-year funding for the Coast Guard that includes $750 million for a Polar Security Cutter, without it America could soon be left without a sovereign presence in the Arctic.

Merchant Mariner Heroes of WWII Need Your Help: Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and John Garamendi (D-CA) have reintroduced their bill to award Congressional Gold Medals to World War II Merchant Marine veterans. Our campaign last congressional session generated 860 messages from 241 advocates.

Support a 355-ship Navy!: While Congress appropriated money for 13 new Navy ships last year, the Congressional Budget Office says $26.7 billion per year is needed to reach the 355-ship goal before 2050. This high funding level is out of the ordinary however, we need to make sure Congress does not reduce the shipbuilding budget this year, especially as the Columbia-class program ramps up.

Support our Marines: Build more amphibious ships!: After years of unstable and unpredictable funding more than half of the Navy’s Amphibious fleet is unavailable for training and operations for the Marine Corps. The Navy’s Force Structure Assessment calls for 38 Amphibs, which is the right number to field two Marine Expeditionary Brigades (MEBs) and allow for training and downtime.

Repeal the Budget Control Act!: With a budget due to be released sometime next month, negotiations for fiscal year 2020 are almost upon us. This means a new budget agreement will be necessary to prevent the return of sequestration, across the board cuts, an unmitigated disaster for the services. Call on your member of congress to finally repeal this catastrophic legislation.

Support the Food for Peace Program: In addition to Homeland Security, many other agencies are without full year funding for fiscal 2019. USAID, which manages the Food for Peace program, is operating on a Continuing Resolution as well. This cargo preference program is crucial for American farmers, the U.S.-flag fleet, and mariner jobs.